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Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Downside to Using Google Maps and Others when searching for Accurate Imagery

In this edition of our Company Blog I would like to discuss a couple of the downsides associated with using Google maps and similar websites to attain imagery of municipal tax sale and surplus properties.

One of the largest problems encountered when using this imagery is that many of the photos are outdated, sometimes more than 5 years. This could mean the difference between what appears to be a large clean lot with a house on it, compared to the unfortunate reality of a property or house that has been abandoned or torn down at some time after the most recent image was made available in their imagery database.

Another common issue you will find when you are using these types of websites is that the accuracy of the address can sometime be off by 20 numbers or more depending on the length and size of the road, property and even the number of properties.  The reason this happens is because these websites average the property locations based on the length of the road vs. the number of homes/properties on the road etc. 

Neither the accuracy of the property location nor the accuracy of the actual photograph proves this to be a viable option when attaining accurate information about tax sale properties.  At most it may be of use to provide an average location or maybe to see the general area where the property is located.  Be careful when researching your properties and always make sure you are aware of what you are investing in.

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