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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Municipal Surplus Property - A Couple Questions - Answered

In this edition of our Company Blog we would like to answer a couple of the commonly asked surplus property questions we receive from our members.

Please take a moment to read the helpful information below.


Thinking About Purchasing Municipal Surplus Property in Ontario?

Have you ever thought about the actual steps involved with purchasing Municipal Surplus Property?  Below is information regarding the commonly asked questions regarding the purchase and sale that you may want to consider if you are serious about investing in these properties.

A very common question dealing with the legalities involved when purchasing Ontario's Municipal Surplus Properties is, "Do I need a lawyer?" 
In our opinion it
is advisable to utilize the services of a lawyer for all aspects of your purchase and very importantly when signing contractual agreements regarding the purchase or sale of any property.

Another common question we receive from our members is, "What are Municipal Surplus Properties"?  
These may be properties that have been vested into the municipality because of a failed tax sale or properties the municipality owns, no longer has a use for and simply wants sold.
Many of these properties open the door to very lucrative investment opportunities.

What are Targeted Tax Sale Tips?

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Each week the topic will vary from simple tax sale do's and don'ts, to in depth detailed information regarding legislation and much more!

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