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Friday, February 18, 2011

A Couple Commonly Asked Questions - Answered

In this edition of our Company Blog we would like to answer a couple of the commonly asked tax sale questions we receive from our members.

Please take a moment to read the helpful information below.


What happens if no tenders or bids received at a tax sale?

When there are no tenders or bids received the municipality has up to 2 years from the date of the tax sale to register a notice of vesting or to re-advertise the property.

If the municipality fails to either vest the property or re-advertise for tax sale within the 2 year time period, the tax arrears certificate will be deemed to be cancelled.  Once the tax arrears certificate is deemed to be cancelled, in order to advertise the property again for tax sale the municipality will have to conduct the tax registration and tax sale again from the beginning stages.

Do tax sales have busier and slower times throughout the year?

For the most part tax sale properties are advertised consistently throughout the year, though it is very common for tax sale advertisements to slow down and sometimes stop all together during the months of November and especially December prior to the holidays.  Municipal tax sales tend to pick up again starting in the new year and usually peak in regard to volume in the warmer months of the year leading into the fall season. There are approximately 200 tax sales each year and many of which sell for under $15,000.00.

Tri-Target is currently indexing every tax sale since 2007 and will provide the statistical information to our members free of charge in the near future.

What are Targeted Tax Sale Tips?

Targeted Tax Sale Tips are sent weekly with our ' - Upcoming Tax Sales' newsletter and posted on our Company Blog.

Each week the topic will vary from simple tax sale do's and don'ts, to in depth detailed information regarding legislation and much more!

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